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About Saha Foods


Saha Foods is a trusted company engaged in the processing & manufacturing of processed and ready to high quality foods. We offer premium quality  of foods like Soya Chunks, Sewai, Namkeens, Roll Papad,, Fried Snacks Etc. among other culinary items.


We are committed to procuring  the best quality resources from genuine certified growers at a fair price. Our purpose is to consistently improve the choice of consumers with the most captivating food products. Our processed food product market potential is astounding, given the target population size of 10 million, a consistent economic growth-rate and massively increasing demand pattern for quality food products in North Bengal.

Our Products

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Ashwani Soya Chunks

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Shahi Lachha


Maharaja Sewai

Ring Papad

Ring & Roll Papad

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Making a differcence to people's Life

In our each food processing unit we take serious measure to produce good quality products. Consumers and buyers are becoming more aware of the importance of safe, high quality products. So each and every food products go through proper hygienic Canning, Fermentation, Freezing, Modified atmosphere packaging, Pasteurization, Additives etc. “our foods are made only from high quality ingredients.” They also project a quality image through packaging. Producers who sell intermediate products, such as dried fruits, to a secondary processor will find that the buyer expects the foods to meet an agreed standard. In the case of exporters, these standards are becoming more and more strict.


Our Products

Saha Udyog foods are the first state of the art food manufacturing company in islampur, which has successfully created ZERO emission food processing plant. here at Saha food industries, we reduced carbon footprints through our latest machinery. We process our food without any chemical ingredients. Our foods are safe and healthy.

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