Saha Udyog Foods

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Farmer Support

Dedication to Excellence

We are distinctively renowned for our constant dedication to excellence. We remain passionate in our approach to deliver the best food products through the most desirable business values and practices.


Sustaining and Benefiting Lives

Fair, moral, ethical and transparent business practices have contributed to Saha Udyog being recognized as a pioneering sustainable business role-model in NorthBengal and all over the India.


Absolute Quality

In our relentless pursuit of perfection, we ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and nutritional safety are taken care of throughout the processes of procurement, storage, processing, packaging, transportation and distribution .


Commitment to Responsibilities

We believe that our relationships with all our stakeholders are critical to our success and firm steps are taken to fulfil their expectations. Our strategic business plans incorporate the means to positively influence the wider world around us and collectively improve the quality of lives.

About Saha Foods

Our Pursuit of Perfection

Saha Udyog Foods is a leading  agricultural food processing company offering healthy, nutritious and hygienic products. Our motto is ‘FOODS FOR LIFE’. We offer premium quality ready to cook foods like Soya chunks, Sewai, Vermicelli, Sooji among other culinary items. We are committed to harnessing the best Agro-based resources of North Bengal from genuine growers at a fair price. Our purpose is to consistently improve the choice of consumers with the most captivating food products from North Bengal. Our market potential is astounding, given the target population size of 1 billion, a consistent economic growth-rate and massively increasing demand pattern for quality food products.

Contributing to the Society

Sustainability, care for the environment, for the climate, for the workers, the attention to diversity and discrimination are becoming central to the development of our company’s strategies and corporate mission.

Saha Udyog  is committed to make positive contributions to the society, with the aim of increasing the prosperity and wellbeing of all. To date, we have successfully delivered and contributed to a number of initiatives, benefitting the welfare and living standards of thousands. The contributions we have made include delivering medical treatment for the underprivileged, scholarships and educational funding for students and social safety nets for various vulnerable groups.

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