Saha Udyog Foods

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Let's Create a poverty free world

Our attempt to enter into the Food & Beverage industry was driven by the recognition that economies in developing countries are expanding at a very rapid rate, with enlarging middle class communities and increasing disposable incomes.
In a fast growing world, we have recognized the need for packaged food of good quality and at affordable prices.
Sahaudyog Foods, caters to this market segment with the ardent desire that “eating well should not be the preserve of the more affluent and that good food and eating enjoyment should be open to all”.
Sahaudyog Foods products are the result of our extensive research, containing only the choicest ingredients from around the globe. FOODIE’s quality commitment is reflected in its exceptional taste. Savour the taste every time you use it.
FOODIE product range has been selected with thought and care to provide the everyday consumer a full meal option.
Thank you for visiting; we invite you to try us.

Mr. Debabrata Saha

Director, Saha Udyog Foods, INDIA