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6 Health Benefits of Soya Chunks

If you are turning into a vegetarian or vegan and looking for a protein-enriched food substance, you should include soya in your platter. Not only protein, but soya chunks have a lot of other nutritional benefits. It is wise to keep this substance on your menu. Here are some health benefits of raw soya chunks that will woo your mind.

1. Meat Substitute: These days, a lot of people are converting to veganism or vegetarianism. Many of them suffer from protein deficiency due to this sudden change in food habits. Soya chunks are the best meat replacer. 100 gm. of soya chunks will offer 52 gm. of protein and 345 calories. One can prepare mouth-watering dishes with soya chunks. The same amount of soya chunks can provide more protein than chicken and lamb.

2. Good for Your Heart: Soya is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. A very low amount of saturated fat is present in it. Also, many studies showed that soya chunks could cut down the bad cholesterol levels in a person by increasing good cholesterol. As we all know, good cholesterol saves us from many heart diseases. Isn’t it enough to order soya chunks online right now?

3. Regulates Female Hormonal Imbalance: Soya chunks are rich in Phytoestrogens. Women with hormonal imbalances can eat soya chunks daily. Soya helps in regulating the estrogen level, and thus, the irregular menstrual cycle will get regulated. Women with PCOS can also get benefitted from soya chunks.

4. Helps in Weight Loss: It sounds surreal, but soya chunks can aid in weight loss. Soya is rich in fiber, and it keeps you full for many hours. So if you consider taking soya chunks in proper proportions, it will keep you away from fattening foods. Also, it has a higher thermos genic effect due to more energy being required to digest and absorb the food. So you will feel more energetic and can sustain long hours at work.

5. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Soya has anti-inflammatory properties that will keep you away from different diseases like cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.

6. Controls Blood Sugar: A particular type of bioactive compound is present in soybean named is flavones. This compound lowers the chance of heart disease and Diabetes in humans. It can also improve the glucose tolerance level in Diabetic patients.

Conclusion: Soya chunks can be your one-stop meat replacement with a lot of other additional benefits. Still, it is always recommended that you consult a doctor before including this amazing food product in your daily platter.