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Get the Delicious Vermicelli Kheer Now

Seviyan ki kheer or milk vermicelli is a delicious Indian sweet. We call it by many names, semiya payasam packet. Every family has its own recipe of sewai kheer. Some add dry organic products to their meethi seviyan, others serve it as plain semiya payasam. Some add saffron others just cardamom. Most mums love to make it for their children. Demanding children might express no to glass of milk except for they won’t ever reject a bowl of pudding. This sweet is perfect for them as you may alternatively add cleaved nuts and saffron. It is basic and needs less time and consideration than different desserts. You can cook it on the burner, while you make supper.

Everybody loves it. All you really want is some simmered vermicelli, milk and sugar. However the treat is delightful. Kids love it and even older folks who can’t bite a lot. Vermicelli is generally made of durum wheat and is very filling. You can make a sweet or flavorful according as you would prefer. Pungent – Have it as vermicelli upma/sevai upma/seviyan vermicelli south Indian style for breakfast. There is one less popular recipe among semiya sweet recipes. We have it as seyun patata where you serve dry sweet vermicelli with broiled zesty potatoes.

A few cooking styles of the world have some variation of the heavenly vermicelli kheer. This heavenly treat is known as ‘semiya payasam’ in South India and ‘seviyan’ or ‘seviyan kheer’ in the north.

It is accepted that vermicelli showed up in India through exchange with the Middle Easterner nations. We have utilized vermicelli kheer recipe to make our own Indian recipes which incorporate vermicelli upma, pulao, falooda, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In any case, the kheer is the most-adored dish among the vermicelli recipes. It is a practice to eat kheer during occasions, celebrations, or other propitious events and vermicelli kheer is one of the most famous kheer variations. This addresses the festival of a fresh start on a sweet note. This dish is savoured by all age gatherings.

Regardless of whether it is a celebration, any customary day turns out to be extra-exceptional when you make vermicelli kheer. The mouth-watering bowl of vermicelli kheer recipe which has a delicate surface and a sweet, smooth flavour can be savoured with your family after a luxurious feast.

It is extremely simple to make and it is prepared in a jiffy. In this time of Sawan, serve vermicelli as a treat after supper, everybody will track down its taste extremely unique. So you also make vermicelli kheer with this simple recipe and partake in its taste with your loved ones.