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Why is Soybean the Best Substitute for Meat?

When consuming food, we not only need to think about our hunger but also about the environment also. Many vegetarian and vegan restaurants offer amazing burgers and sandwiches within which they offer veg patties. Mostly these meat-like patties are made from soybean and other soy substances. Have you ever considered why these restaurants use soybeans and not anything else? Let’s dig in.

Similarities in Structure and Taste: Organic soya chunks can replace meat and meaty substances. Even animal milk can be replaced by soy milk. The texture of soybeans is almost similar to meat. If dehydrated, soy chunks show similar traits to meat. Also, if you put adequate and proper condiments, it will taste similar to that of meat dishes. As soy chunks are versatile in nature, you can make different dishes with them. From starter to savory, soybeans can help you complete a whole meal.

Tofu is an amazing substitute for paneer or cottage cheese. You can make several starters using tofu if you left paneer. Tofu is also made from soy milk, which makes it more healthy and, of course, rich in nutritional elements. You can add condiments to marinate your tofu, or you can buy marinated tofu from the market as well. So, if you have left animal protein and all its by-products, you also have plenty of options available. Soybean and other plant-based protein substances will always be there, helping you out. Also, after cooking properly, you cannot find any difference in taste.

Nutritional Values: The main reason soy chunks are the replacement for animal meat is that it is rich in protein. 100 g of soybean consists of more protein than chicken or lamb. Therefore you can add this to your daily food. Also, our body cannot create amino acids on its own. So we have to collect amino acids from our daily source of food. Soybean is an amazing product filled with Omega 3 fatty acid which will save you from cardiovascular diseases. Also, it increases good cholesterol in your body and keeps your body fit.

Good for the Environment: In the beginning, we said that our food choices must not affect our environment. Soybean is a plant-based substance and grows in abundance across the world. The cultivation of soybean or edamame is easy, and you do not need to add toxic fertilizers. This ensures the safety of soy products for our health and our nature. Besides all of the above-mentioned points, soya chunks price is also very low, so that it will fit your budget too!